Threat Hunting

Get ahead of the threats and protect your competitive advantage

Augment your threat intelligence with a digital-forensics pro who meets stealth with sleuthing. So you can reduce your security risk, minimize attackers’ dwell time, and protect your IP and competitive advantage.

Get ahead of the threats
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This game of cat and mouse could be endless

Threat actors and security practitioners are always trying to outsmart each other. That’s why even the most advanced event monitoring tools can’t quite catch up to the latest, most sophisticated threats.

The good news? While not all threats trigger an alert, they always leave a trace.

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But here’s the real problem

It’s not that you and your team can’t track the traces and hunt the threats...

It’s that there are just too many.
Especially when :
  • Your A-list analysts are already beyond capacity
  • Your junior analysts don’t usually know what to really look
  • And you can’t just put your faith in MSSP or MDR services or vendor

When there are gaps to close and crown jewels to protect, that’s when a threat hunter can help

Threat hunting is a lot more than a cool name.

When it’s tailored to your business and security needs, you can:
  • Systematically search for threats that came in under the radar
  • Analyze artifacts using forensic best practices
  • Classify suspicious activity based on evidentiary data
  • Reduce dwell time of attacks in your environment
  • Identify and fix gaps in your security stack or in-house skill set
  • Free your team up to focus on the more obvious alerts and leave the mysteries to us
  • Tune your automations based on newfound insights to prevent future compromise
  • Reduce your risks and improve your security posture

It’s time to eliminate the “what ifs”—no matter your program maturity

And you can do it two different ways:

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Ongoing Threat Hunting Partnership

Get an invested—and proactive—partner

You can’t afford oversights or a casual part-timer when your industry is highly regulated. Or if your IP is critical to your competitive advantage.

When we’re your threat hunting partner, expect exactly that—a partner.

With it you get:
  • Monthly or quarterly check-ins
  • Recommendations for retooling
  • Consults for remediation
  • Cut dwell time in your environment
  • Minimized loss all year round
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On-demand compromise assessments

Finally put the doubt to rest

When you suspect the “b-word”,* you can’t wait around for someone to mosey on over. You need immediate on-demand action.

Which is exactly what this service offers: evidence-based investigation right when you suspect or have identified an attack.

With our on-demand compromise assessments:
  • Take early action to minimize loss in the event of a breach
  • Reduce dwell time of attackers
  • Get confirmation that the activity is benign and sleep at night knowing there’s no cause for concern
(*breach, but it sure can be the other word)

Get a threat hunter who doesn’t need to be trained to follow—or understand—the clues

In the world of cybersecurity where even tools need to be “trained,” it’s experience and human intelligence that makes the difference in threat hunting.

Our guarantee? We never send in junior analysts. Or run through some templated checklist.

With Panoptcy, you get:

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30+ years of multidisciplinary IT knowledge who’s seen every kind of artifact

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Extensive hands-on experience applying digital forensics across all levels of information security

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Deep understanding of the MITRE ATT&CK framework and database

Icon illustration of a science beaker with liquid in it

Evidence-driven hypothesis and testing techniques

icon illustration of a graduation cap

A security leader who has shown SOC analysts the ropes

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Passion of keeping up with the evolving threat landscape

Messages from the marketing team...

"I have never seen a better security architecture assessment. Panoptcy Security helped us identify problems that we didn't even know we had. After spending sometime talking about the deficients they discovered, the way the different business units conducted day to day operations, and our tech stack, they provided detail and practical solutions. They made our job easier and have a customer for life."

Security Engineer
(Yeah, he’s a real customer. Just can’t say where. Cybersecurity teams, right?)

"If you're looking for a proactive, forward-thinking, thorough and professional cybersecurity firm, look no further. They are always available to answer any questions we may have and they make sure our needs are met at every level. The expertise and flexibility provided by the team at Panoptcy Security is unparalleled."

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"Panoptcy Security is the reason we are still in business. After being hit with ransomware a colleague recommended we reach out. From the very beginning, it was clear that they understood our urgency and worked with us to contain the threat, and restore critical systems. The team was always available and quick to respond, day or night and provided great advise and guidance through the crisis. I cannot thank Panoptcy enough!"

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Bog us down with threat hunting and give your team some breathing room

We can all agree your team’s got more than enough on their plate. But you can add layers of support to minimize risk and help them respond more quickly.

Get us to dig discreetly for dormant threats and suspicious artifacts behind the scenes, and free up your team so they can fight their 999 other battles.

Get my team the breathing room they’ve earned

Not sure how often you’ll need our threat hunting services?

Schedule one of our other assessments first—like our quantified risk assessment or incident readiness assessment.

Or find out how you can get the most critical insights about your security program.

Get on our calendar for a friendly consult.

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