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Do you offer no-cost incident response retainers?

We only offer paid-upfront retainers. Here’s why:
No-cost means no-guarantees.
They aren’t ‘real’ retainers. A retainer requires you have reserved time. All the firms out there offering no-cost retainers are claiming availability if you have an incident, but they can’t afford to staff up without pay. So when we say we’re there, we mean it and staff for it so you’re covered.

Click here to read what else we offer with our retainers.

Do you offer Fractional CISO services?

Yes! For teams that are on the smaller or growing side, bringing in a Fractional CISO can be the perfect solution to build out your program, your response plan, or to help build your team or your stack.

Reach out to discuss our Fractional CISO services.

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