ONLY a mature infosec program WILL secure your critical assets

A framework snapshot isn’t enough. Instead get a granular maturity assessment centered around your business drivers.

And build a cybersecurity program that directly serves your business goals.

Get a business-driven security program

Your most important business goals should drive your most important security decisions

Benchmarks and frameworks like NIST-CSF are good starting points. But they don’t factor in your business drivers, like:

  • Your key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Your actual cyber-maturity and needs

Which is why you need an evidence-based process to track your maturity and progress. So you can:

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Set the right maturity goals

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Track the right KRIs and KPIs

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Get proprietary metrics

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Secure the right assets

How we create your maturity assessment

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No Dogma

Swap out dogmatic for pragmatic

NIST-CSF is the gold standard. And they can help you meet compliance reqs.

But...they aren’t dogma.

We start with frameworks to build you a custom capability maturity model based on factors individual to your business. That way your maturity goals are aligned with your business drivers. And your program is built to meet your business goals.

Real Data

Trade out a generic snapshot for proprietary metrics

Get an assessment based on your individual threats and needs. Not a surface-level snapshot.

Expect a full investigation to help you know where you really stand. With metrics that make sense to your organization’s business goals.

Metrics like:

  • Your key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Your actual cyber-maturity and needs
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stay in the know

Know where you stand today 365 days a year

Along with our evaluation, you’ll also get the self-assessment tools you need to track your progress for the next 12 months.

Improve more than just your security posture. Lead the most respected security team your company has ever seen. And command the resources you need to advance your program.

Pull more ROI out of your stack
Sometimes with the smallest changes

Security leaders often feel trapped in reactive methodologies and budgetary and performance pressures.

But it doesn’t HAVE to all be that way.

When your cybersecurity program is built around your business metrics, you can prove the ROI of your program. And not just be seen as some kind of digital security guard.

Partner with a data-driven cybersecurity consultant to help you establish a resilient, proactive program that brings evidentiary value to your stakeholders.

  • Revisit your company’s business drivers and fully connect them to your security practices
  • Develop a program that makes a measurable difference to your organization
  • Set realistic maturity goals against risk ratings that are relevant to your industry and business model
  • Track the right set of metrics and keep your finger on the pulse
  • Go beyond minimal viable compliance and set a new bar in your industry
  • Improve more than just your security posture. Level up as an ROI-driven practitioner while you confidently harness the resources you need to advance your program.
Help me build a security legacy

Messages from the marketing team...

"I have never seen a better security architecture assessment. Panoptcy Security helped us identify problems that we didn't even know we had. After spending sometime talking about the deficients they discovered, the way the different business units conducted day to day operations, and our tech stack, they provided detail and practical solutions. They made our job easier and have a customer for life."

Security Engineer
(Yeah, he’s a real customer. Just can’t say where. Cybersecurity teams, right?)

"If you're looking for a proactive, forward-thinking, thorough and professional cybersecurity firm, look no further. They are always available to answer any questions we may have and they make sure our needs are met at every level. The expertise and flexibility provided by the team at Panoptcy Security is unparalleled."

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"Panoptcy Security is the reason we are still in business. After being hit with ransomware a colleague recommended we reach out. From the very beginning, it was clear that they understood our urgency and worked with us to contain the threat, and restore critical systems. The team was always available and quick to respond, day or night and provided great advise and guidance through the crisis. I cannot thank Panoptcy enough!"

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Get a granular maturity assessment  and ensure that your infosec program secures your most critical assets

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