"I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something."
- Richard Feynman
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About Panoptcy

The Panoptcy Creed

We are not your typical cybersecurity firm.
We don’t send in junior analysts.
We don’t guilt you with all the things you’re doing wrong.
We don’t insist you swap out your stack for our affiliates.
We don’t sell you on a one-and-done solution.
We don’t read you off a checklist of best practices.
We are here to solve your business problems.
The hidden problems.
The lurking problems.
The yet-to-be problems.
The problems that other consultants gloss over.
This is our Creed.
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And these are our tenets:

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Radical candor leads to progress.

You get no benefit—or value—from a Yes Man.

There’s no benefit in pretending there isn’t a problem when there is. Or throwing more money at a misdiagnosed problem.

That’s why we’ve embraced radical candor. Radical candor is the kind of honesty that doesn’t shy away from what needs to be done. It’s solely aimed at solutions that work. Because only through radical candor can we serve you, your team, and your business goals best.

ruthless prioritization

Progress requires ruthless prioritization.

Cybersecurity is never 100% foolproof or finished. And not all assets need the same level of protection. In our experience, the pursuit of perfection is instead a black hole of never-ending investment—usually wasted and usually from firms pressuring you with the scare of breaches.

But progress follows logical steps. It follows strategy. It seeks a business outcome rather than an ideal.

And progress—with limited resources—requires ruthless prioritization. It keeps us solely focused on your business goals with any solution we recommend.

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Ruthless prioritization is only born out of invested empathy.

At Panoptcy, we start with why.
Your organization’s WHY.

Because without that, what are we really protecting? If your cybersecurity budget isn’t going to the business assets that MOST support your mission, where is it being spent?

See, we can’t protect what we don’t understand. But understanding isn’t just knowing your stack—it’s understanding the pressures you face as a CISO or an Infosec leader. It’s studying the threats in your industry. It’s being open-minded to the idea that your problem isn’t just like the last client’s. It’s learning the day-to-day and knowledge of your team.

We can only ruthlessly prioritize the best path and solution for your business when we approach your goals and team with invested empathy.

We are here to unlock the business
outcomes—and value—
in your cybersecurity objectives.

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