Incident Response Retainers

Get timely crisis support when you need it.

With a no-waste retainer that’s scoped for your specific business threats and team capabilities

Get an Incident Response Retainer that is triage-oriented, not built to tick a compliance box.

And get crisis support when you really need it.

Get a no-waste retainer
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What exactly is a no-waste retainer?

A lot of cybersecurity Incident Response (IR) retainers are full of big, sweeping promises and bloated coverage. But the reality is that they don’t deliver. Either because they haven’t scoped properly, they aren’t thorough, or they haven’t budgeted the resources you actually need during a crisis.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

No-waste IR Retainers never start without:

  • Thorough on-boarding
  • Full compatibility checks
  • 100% transparent & flexible SLA

And that’s the only kind we offer.

Get a no-waste retainer
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With a no-waste IR retainer tailored to your organization, you get access and support with:

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  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Best practices to mitigate downstream risks
  • Digital forensics expertise
  • Log, host, network, memory, malware and forensics analysis
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  • Breach management
  • Incident containment
  • Quick-acting support to reduce your recovery time
  • Incident triage and investigation
  • Ransomware removal know-how
  • Executive crisis management
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  • Remediation and recovery assistance
  • Post-incident sleuthing
  • Compliance satisfaction
  • Long term operational and strategic recommendations to increase resilience for future incident
Thorough on-boarding

Tailored for your threats

Unlike those firms out there that gladly take your money for those compliance tick boxes, our retainers never start without thorough on-boarding.


  • An in-depth discovery process to actually understand your environment & needs
  • Training for your team to get the most out of your retainer
  • 100% flexible and upfront SLA for resources and hours
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No wasted hours

Protect the crown jewels

If you get compromised, you’ll know we’re ready to help.

But if you don’t get breached, it doesn’t mean you lose those hours. You can apply them toward another service or assessment—like a quarterly tabletop exercise, threat hunting, or a Quantified Risk assessment.

No matter what, you get our expertise. 
When and how you need it.

Beyond incidents

Get more than just IR insights

A retainer means you can count on us to come through for you. But it’s more than just incident response with us.

We also keep up with the legal and insurance landscape of cybersecurity, not just the threat landscape. Take comfort knowing we’re up on the latest developments in industry standards for retained incident response services.

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Get even more ROI out of your response retainer
(And a better rate)

Our retainer assessments are thorough, but we recommend you pair them with our full IR Assessment.

See, like you, we want to minimize the gaps before we’re in response-mode.

The assessment helps us identify the maturity of your secured environment.

Higher maturity = Better rate.
You get a more fine-tuned retainer

So that when you start your retainer, we can actually use those hours to strengthen your program in other ways, like tabletops and training for your team.

(And when you hire us for an incident readiness assessment, you’ll lock in your retainer at a lower rate.)

>> Tell me more about the Incident Readiness Assessment

Why we offer no-waste retainers and not no-cost retainers

Because no-cost retainers are actually terrible.

Zero cost = zero commitment
= Imaginary incident hand-waveyness

No-cost retainers might sound appealing because you don’t have to pay upfront.

But, to be honest, they actually come at a really high risk cost: the possibility your request might fall on deaf ears.

Because here’s the thing:

If you’re not paying for it, that time and those resources are not being reserved for you. No-cost retainers mean no one is on the hook.

We don’t believe in giving you a false sense of security. And that’s exactly we only offer a limited number of paid retainers based on commitment on both sides.

Find out if a retainer is right for you and if we have any available.

In cybersecurity, 8 hours of sleep isn’t a guarantee.

But having ongoing incident response expertise in your back pocket can be.

Book a call about a no-waste IR retainer
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