incident readiness assessments

Fix your incident response gaps before they can be exploited

Find out how ready your team is for breaches. Find out how bullet-proof your response plan is.

Take decisive, data-driven action to hit the right maturity goals.

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The only thing worse than a capability gap is not knowing you have one

The greatest threat is not actually an incident. It’s false assumptions. Because you can’t fix what you don’t know.

And even advanced tech stacks can’t make up for a blindspot.

But that’s exactly what a Readiness Assessment is designed to catch.

When you bring in SOC veteran to comb through your procedures, safeguards, and protocol, you can spot the holes, plug the gaps, and get more confidence about your team’s ability to spring into action.

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What exactly is an incident readiness assessment?

Augment your threat intelligence with a digital-forensics pro who meets stealth with sleuthing.

Unlike a incident response retainer, it’s not an ongoing service. And unlike tabletops, it’s not an exercise run-through. It assesses how ready your team actually is in this moment.

You’ll learn your team’s actual security maturity. Find out their greatest strengths, their weakest links—and the messy questions in the middle that many consultants gloss over.

Once you’re armed with complete, accurate data, you can take evidence-based steps to raise your IR capabilities and maturity.

Pull more ROI out of your stack
Sometimes with the smallest changes

Small changes can bring the greatest ROI. But they’re also the easiest opportunities to miss.

We’ll bring our years of SOC, threat hunting, and security experience to work closely with your team—human to human—and look at your:

  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Incident Response (IR) documentation
  • IR processes
  • Technology stack
  • Security controls
  • Monitoring and detection
  • Team roles and responsibilities

We also factor in industry data so your incident response preparations make sense for your vertical and the current threat landscape.

You’ll know which dots to connect next, and why.

Get more ROI out of your capabilities

Get more out of your tabletops.
Get more out of your assessment.

When you book an IR readiness assessment with us, we get all the information we need to craft tabletop scenarios for your team that align with their exact readiness and maturity.

It's a win-win all around.

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Get more out of the IR readiness assessment by putting your team to a tailored test

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Get more out of the IR readiness assessment by putting your team to a tailored test

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Get more out of the IR readiness assessment by putting your team to a tailored test

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Get more out of the IR readiness assessment by putting your team to a tailored test

Get the most out of my readiness assessment
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You know cybersecurity is about more than compliance checkboxes and tech stacking...

Every Panoptcy service starts with a consultation. It’s bullshit that we don’t offer.

We’ll tell you what we think makes the most sense for your organization and business goals.

Turn your existing resources into
ROI-driving growth

In cybersecurity, every resource is a hard-won victory. Every spend has to prove ROI.

We know because we’ve been there.

Partner with a field veteran who gets the struggle and works closely with you to uncover the real readiness gaps and turn them into growth.

Know exactly what maturity levels you need to reach, get a roadmap for how to get there, and turn your findings into growth for your team and your program.

Get more ROI out of your capabilities